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Default Re: 50-point Abilities

Super Medic (+70%): Heal (Injuries Only, -20%; Own Race Only, -20%; Reduced Fatigue Cost, 5, +100%; Reliable, +6, +30%; Takes Extra Time, x4, -20%). Notes: Heal up to 10 points of injury for free every 4 seconds, with a +6 bonus to the roll. 51 points.

Rock Solid (-80%): Damage Resistance 50 (Can't Wear Armor, -40%; Hardened, +20%; Temporary Disadvantage, Sessile, -50%; Uncontrollable, -10%). 50 points. Notes: Some times, the character responds to an attack by turning into a rock.

Totally Abusive Assasination Special (+5200%): Toxic Attack, 1 point (Contagious, +20%; Cosmic, Irresistable, +300%; Cyclic, 1 minute, 120 cycles, +4760%; Malediction, +100%; No Signature, +20%). 53 points. Notes: Does 1 point of toxic damage per minute, regardless of DR, with no resistance roll allowed. It will spread to anyone who spends a minute with the victim (secondary victims probably ought to be allowed resistance rolls). An example of mutiplicative modifiers sometimes being more fair.

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