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Default Re: [Thought exercise] A Lich capturing an Angelic Emissary?

1. The lich should make use of battlefield control via magic. Fight indoors, in deep dunegons, etc. The emissary is coming to it, not the other way around, get the trap ready, spring it.

2. To that end- you can ritually chalk a permanent pentagram allowing magical creatures to pass. Knock the chalk off, and now they can't leave without defeating it.

Other options: The delay spell can allow you to have a normally slow casting spell be ready instantly.

Create earth can seal entrances and hallways

Walk through earth can create a situation where you don't know where you foe will be coming from (if they come out at all, its not like the lich needs to surface to breath)

Entomb is basically 'save or die' and has a fast casting time.

And that's JUST the earth college.
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