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Default [Thought exercise] A Lich capturing an Angelic Emissary?

Hello all,

I've used GURPS for scifi and modern military campaigns for a while now. Now, I'm trying my hand at understanding the Magic system, which I think is excellent compared to the inflexible DND Vancian "spell slots per day" system.

In one backstory, a powerful lich captures an angelic emissary sent to kill the lich. The lich did not successfully accomplish this on the first try. Or even possibly the second or third tries. Assume that the lich is willing to be defeated physically in combat numerous times, each time taking copious notes and observations, before finally launching its final assault with the sum totality of all its collected data.

I'm wondering what spells, magical items, etc. could work with a lich (assuming the lich has any reasonable amount of resources, money, and crafting power at its disposal) to track down and capture the angel?

For the lich, I'm generally using the Dungeon Fantasy Monsters 1 template (so IQ is 15, Magery is 6, and most spells are known at either Spell-20 or Spell-19 for VH spells). For the Angelic Emissary, I'm using the template in Dungeon Fantasy 9 Summoners.

I have almost all issues of Pyramid Vol. 3, as well as Thaumatology, Magic, etc. and various supplements.
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