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Default Re: Parahumans: What types do you think the canon needs, what type would you like to

Originally Posted by vicky_molokh View Post
Not sure how to even approach the 'canon needs' question.
mostly what canon needs is types that are rational and productive choices. We've discussed "eccentric billionaires" lately and peculiar cults aren't really much better.

So a Gilgamensh is a good but moderate choice. Recipients won't really be "trans" human. They'd be more like "above average-ish" but it's better than getting a $50K+ gene-job to replace $100 of survival gear and restrict your natural environment to a half-terraformed and barren planet.

So really you look for unique _and_ highly useful capabilities. A Pandora ends up being a somewhat botched implementation of the Enhanced Time Sense nanosymbiont and isn't really even cheaper. Though in 4e when the nano ins't available til TL11 it is closer to unique but by the rules it's too simple to de-bug genetypes for really buggy ones to be running around but Bio-tech for 4e gives you the de-bugged Prometheus.

Especially without the SOD-straining pheromones the Guardian type gives you a good package but personally I'd go for the Herakles. It's problems can generally be fixed with aftermarket stuff and it does maximize IQ and HT.
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