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Default Re: 50-point Abilities

Here's one I cooked up for my paladinoid for my friend's game, leveled up for 50 points :D

Divine Retribution (+305%): Burning Attack 2d+1 (Accessability: Only affects truely Evil beings, -10%; Accessibility: Must prominantly display Holy Symbol, -10%; Area Effect: 4 yards, +100%; Cosmic: Irresistible attack, +300%; Emanation, -20%; Pact: with patron deity, -10%) [50]

NOTE: Character should also take a 10 point self-imposed disadvantage, as per the Pact rules. Point cost of disad not included in ability cost as it will probably be involved in various other abilities with Pacts

This is likely to be part of a Divine or Good power; in a game where undead are 'powered' by 'anti-life-energy', this is also a good candidate for Life power. Note that in most cases you should replace the Pact with the appropriate power modifier.

The character displays a holy symbol of his deity aggresively, concentrates for one second, and all creatures of supernatural evil within 4 yards are smote with 2d+1 of holy fire that bypasses non-cosmic DR. In this case, "creatures of supernatural evil" are those affected by True Faith. Note that, as per the Pact rules, if the character ever acts against the strictures of his faith, he will be deserted by his god and loose access to this power.

Possible modifications: add a fatigue cost, limited uses/day or Takes Extra Time, increase damage to "instazap" evil creatures. I suggest a minimum of 4 dice if you want to fry vile creatures in one incredible bolt of divine flame.

This ability, at the current level or lower, also goes well when Linked with True Faith ;)
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