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Dr. Michael Anderson [picture unavailable] (b. [unknown], 1968; New Haven, CT)
Dr. Anderson is a brilliant psychiatrist who graduated from the Yale School of Medicine with an MD and a PhD in psychology. Instead of accepting any of the numerous offers he had for residency at a top-tier teaching hospital, however, he did his psychiatric residency at the Manhanock Asylum for the Criminally Insane, working on some DARPA-funded nootropic drug research (1994-1998). Once he finished his residency, Dr. Anderson accepted a military contract to continue similar research in North Carolina, as part of Project Jade Serenity (1999-2000).
After almost a year spent in a coma after Sherilyn Bell's assault on him during the Incident of 2000, Dr. Anderson has been a very different man. He still remains a licensed psychiatrist, but does not have a security clearance or work on military contracts. And he spends more time on his other 'careers', as a stage magician and a budding horror writer (unpublished).
Dr. Anderson has developed strange powers related to the subconscious, dreams and sleep. He keeps the full extent of his powers carefully hidden from his handlers at Onyx Rain and simply pretends to have some limited ESP capability when he is sleeping. Dr. Anderson is phenomenally healthy and active for his age, moving like an athlete of half his age. He also scores off the charts on any intelligence test ever written, having improved steadily since the Incident of 2000.
Author, stage magician, dreamweaver. One of the few men you'll meet who has written more books than he's read. Insists that Stephen King and Dean Koontz are hacks compared to him (will not even speak of Stephanie Meyer), but the world isn't ready for his creative genius.

Special Agent Daniel O'Toole (b. [unknown date], 1989; Boston, MA)
Danny O'Toole isn't actually a former test subject. He is actually one of the suit-clad, tactical-radio-sporting, sunglasses-wearing MIBs who Onyx Rain assigns to keep an eye out for us dangerous test subjects. What O'Toole has managed to keep from Onyx Rain, however, is that he has spent all of his adult life chasing down rumours of Project Jade Serenity and the experiments that preceded it. His position at Onyx Rain is the culmination of years of conspiracy theorising.
O'Toole spent two years as a communication technician in the US military and joined the CBP after getting his degree from UMass-Boston. He has spent his short law enforcement career so far mostly in the El Paso Intelligence Center.
Danny O'Toole is a powerful psychokinetic, a secret he knows that Onyx Rain must never find out if he is to have any freedom of action. He never knew his father, but research has led him to believe that his mother spent time with a Special Forces operator around the time of his birth, a Raul Vargas. And O'Toole is convinced that Vargas' involvement in the secret experiments are what led to O'Toole being born with his psionic gifts.
Danny grew up with his grandparents, poor-but-proud Irish Catholics from South Boston. Around them, he was a good Catholic boy who was respectful to nuns and priests, tried to avoid sounding 'ill-bred' and studied hard. Around his older half-brother and his friends, Danny was a little Southie thug, his dialect almost incomprehensible. The ability to live his life as two different people stands him in good stead in adulthood, where he plays the role of highly professional G-Man in a suit most of his days, but is only working for Onyx Rain as a means to an end, to find his father and get answers about his powers.
Danny is a die-hard Red Sox fan and he might actually have made it as a professional baseball player if his grandmother hadn't made him promise to finish college. He's not much above average height, but he's extremely strong, fit and quick, as well as gifted with a good eye and superlative swing.

Mackenzie Chase Taylor (b. May 5, 1979; Luverne, AL)
Chase Taylor was an outside linebacker on a very successful Luverne Tigers team in high school. He got a partial scholarship to the University of Alabama in 1997, with a promise of a full ride if he made the starting team, but after a few months and a few appearances on the field, he was told that there just wasn't space on the scholarship list for a high-school linebacker without the size to stand in the line of scrimmage.
Taylor joined the US Army, with a promise for Airborne School and RIP right out of AIT. Taylor was an excemplary Ranger, aided in no small part by his admiration for and devotion to his platoon commander, Lt. Alejandro Ortiz. When Lt. Ortiz applied for SFQC, Taylor found a way to try out for Special Forces as well. That way was Project Jade Serenity, which Taylor went through in his early twenties. While there, Taylor formed a very close friendship with Pvt. Sherilyn Bell, a mental health specialist at the base. Initially shy of making any advances in a romantic direction, Taylor eventually got the impression that Ms. Bell had negative experiences with men valuing her only for her looks and made a conscious decision not to pursue her sexually, at least until she gave a clear signal that she wished things otherwise, convincing himself that he was being considerate rather than cowardly.
Nevertheless, Taylor ended a long-distance relationship with SGT Ava Del Rio, his girlfriend at the time, and spent almost all of his off-duty time in Sherilyn's company for more than half a year. Only toward the end of his training cycle did Taylor admit to himself that not only had his romantic interest in Ms. Bell grown rather than waned over the course of the year, but that she did not share his interest and probably never would.
The week after Taylor's assignment at the Project headquarters ended and he moved out of his quarters there, he began a relationship with Rhonda McBride, a medical student he met while partying with fellow recruits who had also finished their training cycle.
The Incident of 2000 was a terrible shock for Taylor. He was aware that CW2 Raul Vargas had been pursuing Sherilyn Bell at Project Jade Serenity, in much more flagrant disregard of fraternization rules than anything Taylor might have wanted to have with her, but was confident that Ms. Bell could not be interested in CW2 Vargas (and would have been against reporting it anyway). When CW2 Vargas was arrested for possession of contraband drugs (and his friend for child pornography), Taylor might have expected Ms. Bell to cut all ties with Vargas, but didn't specifically ask her to do so or monitor whether or not she did.
After the Incident, Taylor made multiple attempts to see Ms. Bell, but was informed that she was unresponsive, catatonic and not able to see anyone. He made attempts to see her frequently in the years after that, but was always denied permission, as he was not a family member or had any other obvious connection to her that would allow him to visit. He received different explanations for not being allowed to see her over the years and can't help but wonder if he could have won through if he had been willing to contact his congressman, write to newspapers or make noise outisde normal military channels in some other way.
Taylor spent the years 2000-2011 in several different assignments in US Army Special Forces, most of them within Alpha Company/2nd Battalion/7th SFG(A). Things with Rhonda McBride didn't work out, but he eventually ended up meeting a girl with whom things did, one Dolores Claire Starr. Lola was sophisticated, elegant and the sister of the new Captain of Taylor's ODA. Taylor married Lola and they had twin girls, Betty Rose and Savannah Belle. Betty is his mother's name, Rose her mother's and Taylor never did tell his wife where he got the name 'Belle', just saying that he liked the sound.
On the 4th of July, 2011, Taylor assaulted a policeman during a Fourth of July parade, grabbed his pistol and shot a truck driver several intersections away five times, three in the chest and two in the face. Taylor then surrendered quietly. No one could explain his actions, the truck driver was merely sitting innocently behind his wheel waiting for the parade to pass him by, and people standing closer to him than Taylor could clearly see that he hadn't moved in any way before Taylor's action. Taylor's friends hired a private investigator to check out the possibility that the man might have had some factor in his own life which could lend credence to a claim that the truck driver had been planning to drive into the parade, but not a shred of evidence of that could be found. Taylor received a 30 year sentence which he was serving at the USDB at Fort Leavenworth at the start of play.
Taylor's powers are improved senses and sensory cognition. He's still at his physical peak at age 37 and is remarkably fit for someone who has spent the last five and a half years in a cell.
According to other operators in the 7th SFG(A), Taylor is the only graduate of the Defense Language Institute to pass all tests for Spanish fluency while still sounding like Gomer Pyle's retarded country cousin in either language. They nicknamed him 'El Gringo Rojo' for his redneck accent and fondness for Crimson Tide football.
Taylor's father was a parochial, bigoted, racist bully. In general, Taylor lives his life by a simple rule of thumb. In any situation, he'll consider what his father would do and then proceed to do the exact opposite.
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