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Default Re: Pyramid #3/100: Pyramid Secrets

Originally Posted by Celti View Post
Realistic Injury, Expanded is going to see regular use, but I think poor Bruno is going to go crazy trying to fit yet more hit location effects into her wonderful hit location cheat-sheet (time for a page 3?).
This sounds like a selling point...

This doesn't by chance divide the leg into thigh/shin or anything? I'd love more intermediate locations when figuring out height penalties for kicks in some custom rules.

If the height rules left out of Technical Grappling can't be an official MA sourcebook, I hope they eventually at least make it into pyramid, would really love rules that make higher kicking more difficult, as well as associated perks/quirks associated with the feasibility and risks of high kicking, such as torn hamstrings, which don't accompany low kicks.
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