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Default Re: Pyramid #3/100: Pyramid Secrets

Love love love this issue.

Impulse Control I'm very happy to see finally in print, and I'll be expanding my group's already-heavy use of IP to include what it offers. As I and one of my players were reading it, we both looked at each other and said the same character's name when looking at the Big Entrance option.

Infinite Weapons I would have bought just for the stats on the CAWS alone, and has several other (a)historical gems besides.

The Galactic Operations Directorate is a great in-depth look into the world of UT's vignettes though I'm not sure I'd want to play in it, it's fun to read.

Fashion Forward comes with impeccable timing, just as I'm working on a cyberpunk game. i do have one minor quibble the clothing weights offered in there seem to be pegged at the Basic Set's clothing weights, while High-Tech says TL8+ clothing is half that weight thanks to modern fabrics. Still, it's easy enough to say the weights of listed garments can vary from 50% to 200% the listed value based on the fabric and the cut.

Gods of Commerce offers a nice expansion to the selection of deific portfolios available, and I've already got a character in mind to use it for the next DF game I wind up in. Hafta convince the GM to use Traits for Town from a previous issue, though...

Realistic Injury, Expanded is going to see regular use, but I think poor Bruno is going to go crazy trying to fit yet more hit location effects into her wonderful hit location cheat-sheet (time for a page 3?).

Briefly, an Adventure... well, nothing my group does is ever brief, and we still manage to hold marathon eight-ten-twelve-fifteen-hour gaming sessions on an almost-weekly basis, even after more than ten years of this. Still, there are valuable points to mine here.
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