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Default Re: Pyramid #3/100: Pyramid Secrets

Your working late on this :)

It was a good issue, hope people got the cover art but ya know someones going to criticize it. On W23 I thought it was a bug and the picture didint get uploaded. Only saw the real cover when I opened the issue up. magazine not available at present so I wont use the article names.

2 articles are likely to be of use to me. The Impulse buy article was a nice expansion. First I was thinking ok, we get a few new examples but we already have this in Power Ups, even if its kind of a sidebar. But nice examples anyway. I even liked the box of alternative names.
However then I got to the example replacements for luck type abilities.The article is really useful and works better as a Narrative or coincidental magic system than my house use of the system from Impulse Buys

The fashion article was also useful and interesting, though a little more bling would have been nice. Love the Force field suit.

Random Thoughts have good ideas for helping GMs.

The rest were of course well written but unlikely to see use in my campaign or group. My only negative comment was I wish there had been a Conspiracy or Mystery type crunch thing. Of course you could do that with Ghostdancers article.... IP (Aspected, Conspiracies; -20%) and bonus points for new discovery or connections made and possibly thwarted.
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