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I have 2 or 3 VHS boxes that I purchased with SJG content inside; this one happens to be the one I consolidated a bunch of random Ogre stuff into. I am more likely to have bought a Reinforcements set than multiple Shockwave sets.

Thanks for the reference, Drew, that helped a lot.

The Ogre/GEV rulebook and map are almost certainly from the 1995-era O/G set, but could also be the 2000-era one (as might be some of the counters, it's hard to say at this point - if not the counters are down in the basement along with whatever else I decided I didn't need when I loaded this box up; probably in the same banker's box as my random CW stuff). Obviously, while I have a Deluxe Ogre set, I misapplied the name out of bad memory.
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