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I was wondering - I am reasonably sure I have a VHS-case version of shockwave, and also sure I was no longer buying nostalgia by Y2K.

OTOH, lo and behold, after looking in the VHS case I'm keeping my nostalgia in, I have a Shockwave pamphlet with a (C) date of 1984, 2000. How about that.
Other contents of that VHS case full of nostalgia (or next to it in the case of the one rulebook that won't fit): a "oversize Ogre/GEV rulebook (printed back to back - Ogre side says 4th ed, GEV side says 3rd ed - maybe from a Deluxe Ogre set?), the aforementioned Shockwave rules, a metric @#$%ton of uncut counter sheets, an imperial @#$%ton of counters cut out and bagged (all the counters are of the same vintage and must be relatively new, they include white on black and black on white units AND red on white and white on red Ogres, two copies of the folded map with both the Ogre and GEV maps on it (printed next to one another), 3 (!) copies of the Shockwave map, and a single copy of the GEV map by itself. Plus the KS version of Pocket Ogre. I'm reasonably sure there's more obsolescent Ogre stuff in the basement (including a set of the boxed "board game" with the oversized Ogre map and the stand-up counters - alas that map is not big enought o be used with the ODE counters)
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