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Default Re: Lost in Dreams (Michael)

Michael smiles as he try's to grab the rock back. OK, all I need to do then is loose some pounds and I can make the difference. Michael starts by gathering the 'maybe edible food' he had decided to test and deviding it against the non-edible part.

But he stops midway to pray about his plan and then, if he still feals at peace about it, continues moving to toss every other possible branch off, making sure that he does so equally on all sides. Stopping when it starts to go up and taking a few more off when it is no longer rising.

When he floats to the pipe he takes some time to examine it. Well also seeing if he can get more details about what it is sticking out of as well as it's surrounding area. Careful to not clog the breathing tube.

Glad to feal he solved an important problem, He hums the chearfull toon of "We are all inlisted till the conflict is over"
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