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Originally Posted by Andrew Hackard View Post
Obviously, we need to do a better job of clarifying this.

The stretch goals that add elements to Munchkin Shakespeare or the Kickstarter exclusive expansion will apply to all copies of that game or expansion, regardless of backer tier. They're making those bigger for everyone.

Unlocked add-ons may be purchased a la carte by backers at the $20 and $35 tiers, either by increasing your Kickstarter pledge or through BackerKit later on. These add-ons are included in the $60 tiers and need not be bought separately unless you want multiple copies.

Please let me know if this still isn't clear.
So in other words for an extra $25 we only get $16 worth of stuff (Demo pack, Blank cards, and Bag of Dice). I pledged at the $60 level thinking that the kill-o-meter and coin was part of the extra stuff as well but if everyone gets those then we're better off just pledging at the $35 level and adding an extra $16 to get the add-ons. I'm going to wait and see but if a big item doesn't come up that makes it worth while, I'm changing my pledge because as of right now, the $60 tier is a rip off for what you get.
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