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Got books handy now

For ST 60, a Sw weapon 9d+Weapon bonus, vs 11d+1 for optimum rock
For ST 90, a Sw weapon 12d+Weapon bonus, vs 15d for optimum rock
For ST 120, a Sw weapon 15d+Weapon bonus, vs 23d+2 for optimum rock
For ST 150, a Sw weapon 18d+Weapon bonus, vs 29d+2 for optimum rock

Now, weapon . . . say a ST 60 giant can do a SM+4 throwing axe, Sw+10. ST 90 giant is ready for SM +5 weapon at Sw+15, and Sw+20 for ST 120 and ST 150 (SM+6)

9d+10 cut vs 11d+1 crush? Axe is better
12d+15 cut vs 15d crush? Axe is better
15d+20 cut vs 23d+2 crush? Is 20d+1 cut vs 23d+2 crush . . . axe is not strictl better, but definitely still often a good choice
18d+20 cut vs 29d+2 crush? 23d+1 cut vs 29d+2 crush . . . much closer now
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