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Default Re: Lost in Dreams (Michael)

Michael sings until his throat feels a little dry. He could use some water...

He does his best, but he knows he's pretty much guessing.

The "most edible" part of plants around here are the roots. Except they aren't really roots: they're knobs where the plants attatch to rock. His first guess is bitter, rough, and irritating. He's not sure if the bad taste in his mouth is because its bad or some other reason.

He's working on getting something woven from vines, the bad taste still in his mouth, when he sees something floating up from the clouds below. It appears to be quite large -- perhaps the size of the rock he was floating on. But it had some sort of flexible pipe at the bottom -- or was that a trunk? The whole thing seems oddly alive.

OCC: survival roll result not public.

a 6 vs IQ-5 (default professional skill (weaving)) = success! gives a half decent garment he can wear.
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