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Default Re: New Scenario: RTS

Strategic Level OGRE here we come! Awesome.

Is this Scenario only to use the original OGRE Scenario rules...that is no stacking and only ramming?


Paneuropean political operatives and special-ops forces succeed where direct invasion had failed; the United Kingdom falls. Sheffield Ogre plant captured largely intact. New British government immediately integrated into Paneuropean structure. Loyalist British forces retreat to Combine and Australia.
Paneurope signs secret treaties and establishes covert bases and factory centers in Brazil and Argentina."

Since Templates were stolen from Sheffield in the OGRE Timeline, is there any optional possibility for capturing enemy Factories and using them somehow?
3.22 Factory Destruction states no, but it may be interesting to allow something like that if it's simple enough and compliments the game.

Maybe having the option to take "espionage" units instead of normal ones at the start?
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