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Default Re: Lost in Dreams (Michael)

(ooc: starting from when he starts singing)

Michael looks around to see the hills as he sings, and it does not take long for the lack of hills to become apparent.
The hills are
His face grows wide as he see's there is very little around, then his mouth suddenly smirks upward,
hahahahah Michael looks up to the sky and reply's You never cease to amaze me. Thank you. HAHAH., Then in an excepting mood he sais I guess I will just wait hear, best I prepare.
Michael looks at the maybe 20 feet island and decides to taste a verrrrrry small amount of the most common food looking plant. Lets see, last time I did this it gave me runs for two days and turned out to be poisonous, He take off a part about the size of his penky fingernail. Maybe if I eat a lot less I wont have diarrhea for so long, should it not be edible.

Lets see that should help with developments on the food issue if I am to try to survive off the food hear. What can I do for clothing. This does not look like lettuce. Maybe I can try to weave some of these twigs onto something as well. Michael gets to work seeing what he can do, eying the butterfly just encase it decides to fly off the island. If that thing can reach some where then that may be the best spot for to try to reach. Then he starts singing as he gets to work, More holiness give me, more striving withing. More mmmmmmmmmmm more sorrow for sin.....
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