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Default Re: Lost in Dreams (Michael)

Michael thought to himself as he started standing, What an odd dream, and with a sudden shudder heard Real. Ok, I guess not. Where are my clothes?! Noticing there is no one around he responds At least no one can see me, what is this? picking the slug softly from his chest so as to not harm it. This is interesting. It would oddly fit into the dream, these suctions can cling the bottom of flying ships.

What an odd dream. What does it all mean? I'm guessing I'm on a floating rock of sorts, but what was that box? Michael try's to remember the box and find meaning out of it. Then kneels and prays I don't know what I am doing hear but please help me to do thy will. He then stands up and looks around to get an idea of what is around I need clothing, and find something to provide modesty.

EDIT: Well singing The hills are alive, with the sound of music.. aaaaaaaaa. bum bum bum bum, dada da daa.aa The hills are alive with the sound of musick. hmmmnnmmnnnnmmmnnn. lalalalalal.

[likely roles: dreams (memory) 11, and Religious Ritual 10 for the box. Theology 13 and Meditation 11 for prayer. Observation 12 and Scrounging 12 to look around and find things. Singing with (Penetrating Voice for the words I know) to sing, he knows the notes to it all.]

(ooc: start and ending of prayers are shortened on posts out of respect)

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