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Default Re: What would you like to see on #SJGamesLIVE?

Originally Posted by PK View Post
Except (A) we usually want to more than a few minutes for these things, and (B) we have discussed the fact that no 5th edition is coming via these channels, and yet people still ask. In fact, I'm pretty sure that declaring "the focus of the next #SJGamesLive will be on how no GURPS 5th Edition is coming" would just make everyone swear that 5E is around the corner. :)
LOL. That would be classic, if life were a sitcom. (And I'm not saying it's not.)

It'd be nice if #SJGamesLIVE could go into the production process for Ogre 6e, the new Car Wars, and Dungeon Fantasy. Choosing the box size (shelf space considerations), box artwork, picking a company to do the printing, what to include in the product vs. what to leave for future add-ons, that sort of thing.

Or, a lecture from Phil on the history of toys. :)
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