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Default Re: Path of Houserules: GURPS content posts

Originally Posted by Anders View Post
Path of Houserules... okay, here's my suggestion.

Sense Houserule: Allows you detect whether a rule is a houserule, what the purpose of it is, and what the long-term effects on the campaign will be
Strengthen Houserule: Extend a houserule to cases where it did not originally apply; bestow minor houseruled advantages
Restore Houserule: Return an extended houserule to its original form
Control Houserule: Interpret a houserule to the player's advantage
Destroy Houserule: Remove a houserule or minor houseruled advantages from the campaign or a character
Create Houserule: Whip up a houserule on the fly
Transform Houserule: Take a houserule and adapt it to another game system or setting
Isn't Lesser Strengthen Houserule just the Extra Option perk?

Anyways, in today's postings we've got: Heaven's Fists - Player Intro, the player-side document for a planned Mass Combat one-shot.
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