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Default Re: Pyramid #3/99: Death and Beyond

On the whole, this issue is a nice grab bag of ideas around death and death-themes. If you're running horror, Dungeon Fantasy, or Monster Hunters, it's worth your consideration.

Necro-Psi is a solid, well-crafted article. All of its abilities are both nicely thematic and mechanically interesting, giving the death and darkness oriented psis a good set of abilities to work with. And if psi isn't your thing, it's all very easily reflavored as magic or divine abilities.

What Doesn't Kill Me Makes Me Stronger is interesting, but without trying it out in play for a while, it's difficult to say how it will turn out. Still, it provides a way of providing rewards commensurate with difficulty. I'd be interested in seeing how a treasure-oriented variant would work.

Soul Reapers is a nice addition to the Monster Hunters line, offering a new origin, a new focus, and a new set of abilities for Crusaders and Inhuman champions. Definitely worth a look if you're looking to do something new in a Monster Hunters game.

Slaughterealm is a delightful place to drop into any suitable campaign, whether it be Monster Hunters, Dungeon Fantasy, Horror, or something else. I can see this being used as a one-off event, a recurring location, or even the campaign setting itself. Even if the player characters never visit the Slaughterealm itself, its Patrons can turn up in their campaigns, whether on their own business or for some Slaughterealm-related activities.

Death and How to Avoid It is great as a thought experiment on how the seriousness of death affects a world, a way of classifying settings, and a gauge to tweak your own. If nothing else, it provides some nice food for thought.
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