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Default Re: Pyramid #3/99: Death and Beyond

My friend Scott Rochat (aka Rocketman) was published in this issue. Scott's article is perhaps one of the finest things I've ever seen come out of the Dungeon Fantasy line to date. And while I had a hand in helping him write it, it was his idea.

Moreover, his idea firmly cemented one of my own that'd I'd had trouble putting into words: Combat Effectiveness Rating. At first I wasn't going to publish the system. I wrote it and put it aside, but Scott said I should. We talked about how similiar the two wore and I worried that there may have been cross-pollination of ideas. (I try to be very scrupulous on giving credit where it is do and am mindful of my work as much as I can be.) Scott convinced me and I polished up "It's a Threat!" and sent it off. It was published eventually in Pyramid #3/77 Combat. That would never have happened without Scott.

So here's to you, my friend. As I said I would almost two years ago: "What Doesn't Kill Me Makes Me Stronger" is an amazing article and "It's a Threat!" would have never happened without you. I'm so happy to see it published and I hope you get all the accolades that you truly, honestly deserve.

(I reposted this from my Facebook because I think it sums up everything I want to say on the matter.)

I also rather like David's Reapers article, but Steven's "Death Levels" blew me away and got me REALLY thinking. I wonder what else you could apply such a thing too?
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