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Default [USA] [Los Angeles, CA] [17-20 Feb, 2017] [Strategicon Orccon 2017, LAX Hilton]

- please see Strategicon website for schedule after Feb 27. GURPS events running at every time slot starting 2 pm Friday through the 9 am slot on Monday, board and dice games continuous Friday between the hours of noon and midnight and Saturday and Sunday between the hours of 10 am and midnight.
- GURPS tournament; 2 Munchkin tournaments and several other Munchkin events; Chupacabra Dice; Cthulhu Dice; Batman Dice; Zombie Dice; Mars Attacks! The Dice Game; Revolution; Chez Geek; Bill & Ted's Excellent Board Game; 2 Family Events featuring Munchkin Treasure Hunt and Wonderland.
- deadline for scheduling games is Feb 27. If interested in demo’ing please contact me.
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