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Default Suggestion: Munchkin Autoduel

It just occurred to me that an interesting Munchkin expansion would be for Autoduel (Car Wars).

There seems to be a good history and legacy from Steve Jackson's Car Wars to mine for ideas, jokes, and parodies. Uncle Al would be a good character to revive. And bring back the AADA.

Even more popular may be to see about getting a license with Hot Wheels for the artwork and tie-in.

I suspect that one large market for munchkin cards are youngsters who love collecting and trading the cards. It seems to me that car art and munchkin would really serve this niche.

Keeping the Autoduel theme cartoonish and related to maybe Hot Wheels would be sensible for a young audience so they don't get too many aggressive and dark ideas from the original theme as they get old enough to begin getting their real drivers licenses.

This may also be a great expansion idea to tie into the upcoming release of Car Wars 6th edition. Get some cross-game energy ramped up.

Maybe this idea is already being considered by the clever folk at SJ Games. Sorry if I missed it. And sorry if I exposed a secret in the pipeline.

Does anyone have more ideas or suggestions related to this topic?

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