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Default Re: Future of the line?

Originally Posted by robkelk View Post
That's all we know, as well.

Whenever we ask, we're told that Storium is where we'll see new material - but Storium has been so slow in updating that, from the outside, the In Nomine support initiative appears to be dead.

And it's been months since the Line Editor made an appearance in this forum.

(EDIT: Since I don't yet have an account, feel free to mirror this post to that thread.)

RE-EDIT: This post says the In Nomine support initiative at Storium isn't dead after all:

And these lists might be of interest to the folks in the thread:
Ha! I'd forgotten about that map.

I should definitely make one based on all the canonical tethers as opposed to my homebrewed list of SF Bay Area tethers.
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