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Default Re: The 2017 GURPS Speculation Thread

Speculative Sources
In addition to these forums, my sources include the blogs of Dr. Kromm, Phil Masters, and William H. Stoddard and Rev. Pee Kitty's Twitter. Roger Burton West's GURPS is a blog review and helps with this thread usinga database that exports BB code formatting. This is a REAL serious time saver for me and prior speculation thread maintainers.

Upcoming Pyramid Issues Source
2 Dungeon Fantasy Issues
Monster hunters
Deep Space
Hot Spots and Locations
Alternate GURPS
After the End
Note that is 13 Pyramids (8 left as of July) for 2017 so expect changes.

Taken from here. It warns that "the exact order of issues is subject to change." Issues almost always come out on the second-to-last Thursday of the month.

Remaining Classic Releases

GURPS: 11 remaining non-licensed items:
  • Autoduel: Car Warriors
  • Best of Pyramid 1
  • Flight 13
  • Grimoire
  • Space Atlas 4
  • Space: Terradyne
  • Supers
  • Supporting Cast
  • Time Travel
  • Time Travel Adventures
  • Vehicles Lite
  • Villains
Looking for group in my area
My GURPS official contributions
My GURPS fan contribution and blog:
REFPLace GURPS Landing Page
My List of GURPS You Tube videos (plus a few other useful items)
Pyramid Writers Group Pt II

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