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Default 50-point Abilities

Following the apparent interest in the Historical Folk 4e thread, I am considering creating a collected PDF 'book' of easy-grab abilities. The idea here is to make a list that any GM would feel comfortable using in a Supers or Anything-Goes campaign (I've been in two GURPS campaigns so far, each was an Anything-Goes campaign...)

For ease of use in a generic game I'm placing some rules:

-All abilities must follow 'standard' GURPS rules, so no homebrew base advantages allowed.

-All abilities should cost as near to 50 points as possible, and must cost between 47 and 53 points. This allows for a GM to say 'each player may have one ability from this list'...

-All abilities should come with a description of what it does, how it functions in game terms, and any important 'special effects'.

-I'd also like suggested Powers the ability could fall under, but this isn't necessary.

-If you would like an ability that was previously posted on the board, either in a thread on a subject or in a character post to be included, please re-post it here.

-If you post your ability here, it is assumed that you would like it included in the eventual collection. You will recieve credit by your online name, unless you PM me otherwise.

Here's a template based on the abilities offered in Powers:

Ability Name (+total modifiers of advantage 1% / +total modifiers of advantage 2%): Advantage 1 (Modifier 1, +x%; Modifier 2, +x%; Modifier 3, +x%) [point cost of advantage 1] + Advantage 2 (Modifier 1, +x%; Modifier 2, +x%; Modifier 3, +x%) [point cost of advantage 2]
Notes: Description of Ability, including special effects. X points.

File graciously hosted at Ericbsmith's GurpsLand page:

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