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Default The Fossilized GURPS Blog

Back when I first started being part of the GURPS community, I hadn't had any thoughts of blogging about it, figuring I'd just post stuff on the forums when I felt like contributing. After butting heads with the 10,000 character limit more than a few times, though, I ended up thinking about it more and more. I finally ended up biting and created the Fossilized GURPS Blog a few days ago.

I only have two content-related things up right now: my guide to categories that will be used in the blog, and one on Strikers and other animal-inspired abilities, but I plan on making collected and updated versions of materials from my previous setting thread that recovers things I had cut to save on character limit space.

I'm not sure how frequently I'll update, and I doubt anything will be quite as exciting as other blogs around here, but hopefully it will be at least somewhat useful and entertaining.
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