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Default Re: [Basic] Reputations for bad people

Originally Posted by Railstar View Post
It's a good reason for the Intimidation check to fail, due to the penalty a negative reputation causes. Being scary is not always the same thing as scaring them into doing what you want - that fear can lead to other reactions, such as desperately attempting to kill you at all costs (because you have them convinced that any scenario in which you survive will lead to you coming after them).
No. First of all, the person faced with the psycho-killer was already willing to stand still and listen long enough to for the Intimidation attempt to be tried. Bear in mind that they generally make a reaction roll (or react with a set reaction) _before_ you use social skills on them. If they decided to kill you on sight, then you probably don't have time to Intimidate them. What's more Intimidation isn't mind control. They can try to attack you no matter how badly you intimidated them. Just at a hefty minus to that first attack, one that shouldn't be reduced because you're so terrifying.
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