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Originally Posted by Makian View Post
Their argument was the "window to interfere" basically resets every time you are able to kill a monster. To me that seemed a bit off because then it becomes a game of 'who has the most cards'.
That's the whole point of the game (and part of the fun); nothing is guaranteed. It's not uncommon to play a level 1 monster expecting an easy kill, only to have it turn into a level 16 something-or-other with another level 20 monster added with a wandering monster.

By the same token, you can start out as a level 5, play 4 Go Up a Level cards from your hand at once to get to level 9, then play that same level 1 monster and win if nobody can stop you. It's not who has the most cards, it's who uses what they have the most efficiently (Munchkinly).
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