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Originally Posted by Flyndaran View Post
I'd consider 100% acceptance rate to either be propaganda or proof of mind controlling powers and/or brutal brainwashing. Humans, and I'm sure all sapient species, are just too unpredictable to be perfectly certain of their actions and beliefs when faced with the truly novel.

I would think it funny if not a single named paragon/guardian is of a known famous person. Nope, "truly" good people never enter history books.... nope, not even him, whoever you're thinking of. :)
Ack- this is the story as the protectors understand it:
It may be true because the Ancients are that good/lucky that they have selected only those who will take the offer- so far, eventually someone will say no.
It may be true because the Ancients can predict the future, and only 'hire' those who they know will accept.
It may be true because the Ancients have a fundamental control of reality itself; they 'force' the yes response.
It may be true after a fashion (the initial rebuilding ALSO makes the mind 'ideal' for becoming a protector).
It may be false in that people have refused, but the Protectors don't know about it, or the fate of those selected.
It may be false in that refusals happen but the Ancients 'set things right' via mind control, or perhaps outright reality alteration.
It may be false in that there is no choice, the 'given a choice' part is an implanted memory during the upgrade process.

The protectors just know that they've never heard of someone rejecting the offer, and they are generally too busy galavanting around the multi-verse saving it from threats beyond mortal ken to worry too much about it (or are they programmed to not worry about it?).

In short the Ancients are creepy alien things that are really difficult if not impossible to understand; if used them again I would be inclined to go with a 'no one has actually SEEN an ancient' scenario.
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