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Default Re: Munchkin Grab Box for Christmas

Received mine today. Not much I could use personally, but a couple of things I can give to friends. The rest may end up, at some later date, in some appropriate thread, as part of a WTT list.

That's just me, though. I think posting what was in my box might encourage some people to take a chance; there was quite a bit:
  • Munchkin 2010 Holiday Edition boxed set (regular original Munchkin cards plus two Christmas coins (red and green), a Munchkin greeting card and an exclusive holiday bookmark)
  • Munchkin Holidazed (15 cards, 3 red dice, 3 green dice and a holiday level counter
  • a Jolly Jumbo d6 (Red, with 4 cards)
  • Munchkin Zombies GAE (Greg Hyland) "bigger" box with the game board
  • Munchkin Zombies: Armed and Dangerous boxed expansion set (112 cards plus six plastic zombie pawns)
  • Munchkin Zombies 4: Spare Parts (56 card expansion)
  • +6 Bag O' Munchkin Zombies (with 2 cards)
  • Munchkin Undead (15 card expansion)
  • Munchkin Dice Bag (pink; empty)
  • Munchkin Loot Letter with Munchkin promo card
  • Trophy Buck dice game
  • loose promos: Munchkin mini-comic with Dominant Genie card, 3 cards for Simon's Cat, 4 different Munchkin bookmarks, and 6 different Munchkin promo cards

That's everything in the box, including what I'll be keeping and giving to friends. By my count, $147 worth of stuff not counting the Dice Bag (no price on it), the promos, or the inflationary value of items out of print. Don't ask what I WTT because I'm not telling you. At this time. In this thread.
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