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Default Re: GURPS as a convention game

And International Games day report back.

Something like five GMs turned up.

First spot. Just one player who I brought. But we ended up having to play CoC with all the GMs who wanted to stay rather than go home.

Second session.

Someone brought their primary school kids, a few other players showed up late for first season, but then left before second session and one other player showed up.

There was one extra name on my sign up sheet, but I dont know what happy them (maybe she went into D&D group)

That gave a big enough group for D&D.

And we had to end up in an Unknown Armies game because a bunch of volunteers were rangled into it.

So no GURPS game this year probably.


Next time try harder to bring two players let alone three!

Probably tout a little harder at lunch. Though I think you either want to play Discworld or you don't. My player certainly had no idea what it was he just came for the GURPS.
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