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Default Re: Thoughts on some house rules?

I have done the same with sword and fencing skills, as well as a few more. It works fine.

The Twohanded grip makes good sense. Just be aware that it makes swing attack even more powerful compared to thrust attacks. It doesn't really make anything unbalanced, it just means your players are almost never going to make thrust attacks unless you introduce some other house rules.

A Defensive stance like that is actually mention in some pyramid article if I remember correctly. Or maybe it was some Kromm note. It's fine for big skirmishes with many combatants, but in a one-on-one situation it's simply +1 to parry since there are no real drawbacks to it.

As for parrying flails. Isn't that part of Cross-parry in Mratial Art already? Or do I remember some Kromm note stating you could "cross parry" with a one-handed weapon held in two hands? I t seems familiar.

Great minds think alike :)
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