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Default Re: House Rule to Target the Whole Head

Originally Posted by phayman53 View Post
Except the hands are -4 to hit while the Face is -5 even though it is bigger than one hand--though maybe equal in surface area to both if the hands are open. The neck is also -5 and is definitely smaller than the head. And the arms and legs are equal even though the arms are much smaller than the legs. So there are definitely other factors involved in attack penalties for locations besides just size (like how much those areas are presented forward in a fight, perhaps).
Is your face bigger than your hand? Keep in mind part of it is your skull for a hit location (Which I believe is the forehead), and neck is a separate location too. Here is the actual part of your face included in the -5:

Hit Location

With that in mind, hold your hand up to your face and tell me which has the bigger dimension. My hand is bigger.
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