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Default Re: Parry

Also remember if you have Knife-14 then you also have via default you have Main-Gauche-10 which means Parry(Main-Gauche)-8
But Main-Gauche doesn't suffer the -4 skill penalty (hence -2 parry) for being used in the off hand to parry. And off hand parries track multiple parries separately from the main hand's parries, further more being a Fencing skill multiple parries are only -2 not -4 with it, and the retreat bonus is + 3 instead of just + 1, and let's you ignore the -1 penalty for parrying with a knife, down side you have an penalty to parry equal to you encumbrance penalty.

With Knife-14 you get:

First Parry (knife main hand) - 9
Second Parry (Main-Gauche off hand) -8
Third parry (Main-Gauche off hand) - 6
Fourth Parry (knife main hand) -5

[add 1 to all these parry numbers if you have Combat Reflexes]
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