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Answer to Question 6
In addition to Britain, France and Germany, who are the major industrial powers of this world and how did they achieve that status?

Brazil: Broke away from Portugal during the Hapsburg Crisis (1762-1771). A French mining concern brought the first steam engines to the continent druing the gold rush, and a local engineer (Pedro Magalh„es) in one of the mines came up with the bright idea to use fuel coral to drive the engine instead expensive imported coal. The Magalh„es-Watt steam engine quickly became Brazil's chief export along with fuel coral, and provided a strong industrial base to improve on.

California Republic: During the gold rush in the 1840s, miners trying to decrease the cost of expensive fuel coral for the mining equipment discovered a large deposits of fuel coral under the La Brea Tar Pit near Los Angeles. Coupled with large population increases from immigration, the nascent republic grew very wealthy, and gained influence over the western half of North America.

Louisiana Confederacy: Born during the political turmoil of the German Wars of Unification (1793-1817) from Colonial British refugees fleeing the French armies, the Louisiana Confederacy industry began to grow from early investments in imported Magalh„es-Watt steam engines. Industry surged with the discovery of fuel coral in the swamps of Louisiana and Florida. Dominates eastern North America.

Empire of Japan: Westernized with the aid of the British during the prelude to the Hapsburg Crisis (1762-1771). Military victories in the Philippines established it as a powerful force in the Pacific. Quietly seized control of trade in the Indochina during the German Wars of Unification (1793-1817). Industrial growth was sparked to provide an independent supply of weapons and is fueled by the reefs surrounding Japan, as well as Japanese owned mines in the Indochina.

Question 7
What are the traditional rivalries/alliances?
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