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Default [Game] Work Up a Steampunk Setting

It might be a little soon since the last one of these, but I thought I'd put it out there to see how it flies.

The objective is to build some kind of steampunk setting, suitable I guess for a variety of campaign types- adventure, military, espionage, intrigue, whatever. We'll see what comes out of the blender.

The rules of the game, as per the established method, are:
- answer the preceding question
- add a new question, delving more into details of the setting
- obviously, try not to contradict any details that have gone before
- and, to help keep things organised, number all questions and answers along the lines of-
Question 6
Answer to Q6

- we'll start with one question per post, but can open that up later when we get into more detail

And here's a rundown of some previous efforts-

And therewith, what-ho, pip-pip and all that..
Question 1
What's the setting for this setting, i.e. where is it and when is it?

Addendum: A mirror of this thread is posted on here for organised reference.
World Wikis:
Cyberpunk: Duopoly Nation
Fantasy: Dominion Cross
Space Opera: Behind the King's Eclipse
Steampunk: Colonial Steam

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