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Default Re: [Technique] Barbectomy

Using the technique design system I get Skill-7:
  • Weapon Strike (-0)
  • Hit location, Jaw(-6)
  • Special Benefit, Clean cut of beard without injury to face (-1)
This is pretty clearly a cinematic technique along the lines of initial carving, so it should be allowed to buy off the full penalty. A "realistic" version might be allowed with Unusual Training, that probably requires that you grapple the beard with another limb or weapon, can't exceed skill -3 and causes injury to the Jaw on any failure by 1.

Default: Prerequisite skill-7
Prerequisite: Any edged weapon skill; cannot exceed prerequisite skill.

A successful hit with an attack capable of doing at least one point of cutting damage severs the target's beard near the jawline, doing no injury.

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