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Default Re: Pyramid Volume Two Index

Originally Posted by Vaevictis Asmadi View Post
Thanks for your offer Rob, but neither the forum PMs nor the forum emails allow attachments. I put it on Google docs.

EDIT: made a few corrections/editions, re-uploaded. I'm not working on it anymore tonight, it's 1:45 am. Really.

I added as much author, game, url redirects, and date info as I could find. The list is now sortable by all columns, and there's a URL # column that takes into account the redirected urls, so you can return to the original order if you want to.

I started a content column, but didn't finish filling it in, and don't really know how to for some of the articles about games I don't know. Anyone else can do so if they like. The column isn't of summaries, just basic terse descriptions: ideas, rules, campaign setting, adventure, magic system, pregen character, character group, creature, race, setting, background fluff, templates, spells, spell college, ritual magic path, martial arts style, character traits, weapons, vehicles, equipment, advice, review, editorial, Q & A, and designer's notes are the main categories.
This link is dead. Does anyone know if this document is still available anywhere? I'm one of the lucky ones with the volume 2 download but finding stuff on it is a nightmare.

Has anyone compiled a list of articles which included the htm file names in the archive?
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