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Default Re: Pyramid article for GURPS Traveller Cold Night on Dashgad

Evening PDT sir_pudding

Originally Posted by sir_pudding View Post
I suspect you misunderstood. Some articles are currently available, for example: Furthermore people who had subscriptions when Pyramid 2 ended retain access to the archives, I believe (I don't know, I guess I had let mine lapse, and missed the boat). However, Pyramid 2 as a whole isn't currently available to most people.

I don't suspect I can help much; I don't have access to the Pyramid 2 archives, and I've never had a subscription to JTAS, but sure.
The odds are extremely good that I may have misunderstood based on the two or three links to samples the SJG staff member supplied. What I saw did not appear to be complete, but then again I was in a bit of a rush.

I had a membership to both JTAS and Pyramid when they were HTML based and I also missed the boat on archiving the material.

I'll be forwarding Timothy's address via PM shortly. You may have material Timothy does not know about or can not verify which is more than I can do.

Again thank you for your reply and allowing me to forward Timothy's address to you.
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