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Default Re: Pyramid article for GURPS Traveller Cold Night on Dashgad

Morning PDT RogerBW,

Originally Posted by RogerBW View Post
OK, in that format (and note corrected title):

A Cold Night in Dashgad

M.J. Dougherty and Neil A. Frier - Pyramid June 26 1998

4600 words, online only.

Milieu 0 adventure set on Dashgad [Core 0603 B540103-C], for which GURPS Traveller details and descriptions are given. The PCs must fetch the only cargo they can find from an outlying farm; complications include extreme cold.
Thank you for the update of the information which I will forward to Timothy shortly.

Please note that when I contacted SJG one of the staff indicated that the adventure was printed in the old HTML Pyramid and is not available online at this time.

I have permission from to Timothy to share his email address to those who may have Traveller material that he has not been able to confirm any information about. My I send you his address using PM?
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