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Default Re: GURPS Discord Server is up and running!

Hi everyone!

Thanks for posting your interest in our discord server!

To answer some of the questions, discord is a combination voice and IRC client. It is very extensible and has many bots to help make moderation, gaming, and social interactions easier. Our goal with this new server is to fill the void of a GURPS chat where none currently exists. I oftentimes wish I could just chat about GURPS or gaming in general with you fine folks, but the forums are a bit too formal for random chatter back and forth, and the threads are pretty heavily structured on single topics. While this is great for a forums-like atmosphere, it does leave something to be desired.

That's where this discord comes in!

On this new server we're hoping to have random chatter galore, as well as share lots of loosy-goosey, wibbly-wobbly character/monster builds, and even schedule one-shots and maybe someday reoccurring campaigns. It would also be a great place to share one-off adventure hooks, critique puzzles, and get some help with your map designs. :)

Come join us! We've got big plans, but need the community's creativity and good vibes to make it happen.

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