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Originally Posted by Ptaloth View Post
Discord is a voice chat like teamspeak.
Of if that doesn't ring any bells, it's a VoIP client, something like Skype. It's aimed at (computer) gamers, as such things are commonly used to play team games like Team Fortress, Overwatch, other multiplayer FPS, or MMOs like World of Warcraft. So it mostly sits in the background and does voice. Other programs in the category include TeamSpeak, Ventrilo, Mumble, and RaidCall. Which one you use is mostly a matter of social convention of the community in question.

Discord (and others) also have text chat functions if you want to type at people. The main advantage of the text chat is that it's persistent, remaining on the server after you log off, so you can leave notes for people. Also it's good for posting links to things on the Web, so you don't have to recite the URL over voice and scribble it down ("that's aitch tee tee pee ess colon slash slash..."). However, it's not meant to be primarily a text platform, so it lacks many features common in web forum software. It's not that kind of persistent text comms.

Discord also has a web-only version, so you don't need to download a client. The web version does have a few limitations -- for instance, it lacks the "Push To Talk (PTT)" feature, and also seems not to work if the web browser isn't focussed (because, say, you've alt-tabbed to your FPS game). But it does mean you don't have to download or update anything if you just want to chat, and not all programs will interfere with it.

Discord and its competitors generally have "servers", which act as ways to limit the conversation to particular groups of people. You'd have a server for your GURPS game, or general GURPS chat, or your WoW raid, or whatever, perhaps many of them. People join the servers, perhaps invitation-only, and within servers there are usually "channels" to have multiple conversations going at once. Everybody in the same channel can talk and hear each other; people in other channels or connected to other servers cannot.

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