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Originally Posted by Bruno View Post
And that's 256 pages, so you can stuff some other PDFs in there - Magical Styles or Plant Magic or Death Spells (or some combination)?
A 280 page B&W Soft Cover book is being quoted as $9.80 for me. That's an extra 40 pages, which will fit Magic and the Spell Charts, or one to two of the other PDFs you mentioned. The cost for B&W Soft Cover appears to be $1.40 + $0.03/page. With Softcover I wouldn't go much bigger than the 280 (even that's a bit large). OTOH you could do two ~240-280 page books for about $20, and that will fit all of Magic and most of the Magic/Thaumatology extra PDFs.

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I will note that I tried setting up a Lulu book today and it errored out without explanation. They may have done something that breaks it for SJGames PDF files. It has been a couple years since I made my POD books through Lulu.
OK, After some more messing around it looks like the reason it was erroring out has to do with transparent/multiple layers. Which means that the way to fix it is to flatten out the layers. When you print to Bullzip click the Advanced button in the Upper-Right of the print dialog and select 'Simulate Overprinting'. This forces the document to flatten out, which eliminated the errors I was getting.
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