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Default New G.E.V. Edition?

So, I'm an Ogre Fan from way back. It was actually the first wargame I every played, I bought a copy of the Metagaming edition from an ad in Galaxy magazine back in 1977. But I got out of wargaming in general after I got married, my wife is more into German-style board games. I only heard about the Ogre Kickstarter after it was all over, still kicking myself over that.

Over the last couple of years my kids have really gotten into games, and a couple of months ago I introduced them to Ogre through my old copy of Ogre/G.E.V. in the VCR box that was rattling around in the game cupboard. (Which has Shockwave, Battlefields, and Reinforcements in it as well. Like I said, I'm a fan from way back.) So now it has turned into my oldest's favorite game, we're playing it all the time. I know he would go bananas for one of the new mega editions, and Christmas is coming up.

Which, to make a long story tedious, brings me to my question: Will there be a corresponding new edition of G.E.V. to match Ogre 6th Edition? If not, I will probably buy a copy of Ogre DE off of Amazon and give it to my son for Christmas. They aren't cheap, but they can be had. If there will be one, then I will hold off, buy a copy of Ogre 6th and give it to him for his birthday in April and then buy him a copy of the new G.E.V. edition when it becomes available in the future. Much cheaper, and I get two presents out of his obsession instead of one.

So, anyone on SJ staff want to offer up some prognostication to help Dad make some gift decisions?
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