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Originally Posted by DouglasCole View Post
He's already contacted me. I am somewhat behind on getting him into the system, so to speak, but will be working that this week. I will ensure to run all of his posts the first time they appear so none get missed.

My script currently has an issue with Atom feeds, and only runs RSS. I have a sample fix from the last blog I added that uses an Atom feed, but it needs a few new PERL libraries and I haven't set them up yet (and I'm nervous about doing so and breaking what I have that works already - I'm not a coder/programmer, I have a lot on my plate, and if my PERL breaks and I can't easily run GURPSDay, I've killed a very easy system in favor of nothing)
Ah, gotcha.

Yeah, I feel ya on the coding stuff... the baby steps delving into that I've done only reinforces my bias that computers are basically magic and coders are wizards.

And the fact that you even have time to post on the forum at all right now also boggles my mind. I had a friend who wanted to set up a game publishing company a little over a decade ago and even on the small scale we were looking at was terrifying in its complexity. Also.... while you're here... any chance of some Powered by GURPS goodness from Gaming Ballistic Ltd. in the future? And by that, I mean more would it even be a possibility rather then is it something on your "to do list" right now since you already got more then enough on your plate just getting your flagship game off the ground.
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