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I'm looking to start an autoduel league with a few friends for a couple months, just to play a little.

We only have 3 people, but we all really want to play, and we would love to do a persistent AADA league, rather than building cars and just playing disjoint games.

I'm not sure exactly how to do something like this, every car wars and even the gurps autoduel book is very very vague on exactly how to run arena campaigns, both with players on the same team and competing. There's also 4 different competing rules for cash prizes across the books. L'Outrance only has cash prizes for amateur and corporate events, but no rules for regular divisionals! They don't even talk about safe lines or surrender! Gurps autoduel and car wars deluxe have very different prize rules, one saying that the winner gets 50-150% of the total value of all cars in the event (which is a lot of money, for Div 10, winning a single 4 person duel event would be enough to buy two Div 10 cars, at least, and not including salvage). And the winner gets to salvage. The Gurps Autoduel rules are much more reasonable, saying the prize pool is equal to the top dollar amount of the division, and provides modifiers based on the part of the season, gives percentages of the prize pool awarded to 1st 2nd and 3rd, and specifies that winners of professional events don't get salvage rights. The only thing that's not as good, is that there's no award for kills, and that it has the wrong definition for kill. The disadvantage is that I'm not sure if the money given is adjusted for gurps autoduel rpg, or can be used for regular car wars games.

I know the Corporate Car Wars rules are the most fleshed out and realized, but it seems like that works better over multiple seasons. Plus, we're pretty short on time already, and I'm not sure if people are up to quickly making 18 characters and however many cars and equipment $150,000 buys. Also, I mean, its not really the AADA circuit, its a separate league.

My rules draft kinda looks like this, I'm basically having everyone make 5 characters with 50 skill points each, they can be of any type, but I'm suggesting they make 3 duelists, or 2 duelists and a gunner (if you have a multi-person crewed vehicle, who has to die for you not to be able to earn points based on the given AADA ranking point system?), a mechanic, and a paramedic. I'm giving everyone 30000 to make vehicles for Div 15 competition. Prizes are given out normally and so are points, by the Gurps Autoduel rules, but you get an additional $1,500xPR of arena per kill in sponsorship money. At any time, a team can send out a paramedic to try and save a fatally wounded duelist, and the paramedic can't be fired on without disqualification, but unintentional hits or shots are not penalized. At the end of the mini-season, top 3 duelists will go to the regional championship, if a team has multiple duelists in the championship, the team(s) without duelists will play as the other duelists.

How does this sound, ok? And what's with the vagueness and inconsistency in the various car wars books?

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