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Default Ogre Tools

Here's the link to download the new OgreMap, version

With it you can make your own maps for Ogre and GEV. New maps mean new scenarios which mean more fun for everybody.

It runs on Windows, and requires the Dot Net Framework 4 Client Profile, which should already be installed for Windows 7 and newer.

The zip file contains an exe and a pdf manual. The exe doesn't need an installer, just run it. Of course, you should always virus scan any exe you download from the internet. Even mine. :)

Notable improvements over the ancient first version include:
  • You can now save maps as image files (jpg, bmp, png, and gif)
  • You can now "paint" with the selected terrain instead of clicking every hex
  • Many additional terrain images

Known limitations:
  • Memory errors if the map gets too big for a Dot Net Image (100x100 or so) just click "continue" and make a smaller map
  • Mouse tracking is offset if editing at a zoom level other than "native"
  • Extra blank pages sometimes produced when printing (as you can see in the Print Preview window)

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