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Default Re: Catalog of the Weird Parallels

Originally Posted by PTTG View Post
As for businesses, sure you might hate your boss, but are you willing to fight him to the death for the pleasure of a small promotion? I think only ten percent of bosses are only alive because it's socially unpopular to kill them.
The big overturn here is age. Is there a mechanism to give people a chance at retiring rather than being killed when they are too old to fight, jungle-book style?

Can you challenge any superior, or do you have to fight your way up the chain?

I can see this leading to a lot of unemployment and nepotism. Over time of course. right now its just the aftermath of a reality quake.


With the invisible world I'd expect recruiting would be mostly done through robots, cameras (I mean microphones), and quick snatch and grab operations. Throwing a team of PC's at it will get results. But tricky tricky. good one.
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